As someone who usually work on three different PCs and a laptop, Google Docs and Spreadsheets very convenient, due to the fact i can access my documents from each of my computers.

As time went by, i started to accumulate lots of docs and spreadsheets in Google account, and i asked myself how should i backup them. I knew i could open each and every document and just save it as a Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word document, as well as a PDF document, but i was looking for a more powerful method.

I searched a bit and found a nice program Google Docs Backup that helped me to accomplish my task.

So here’s what you should do in order to backup your Google docs and Spreadsheets:

  1. Run Google docs backup.
  2. Input your gmail account or your google app account.
  3. Select preferred location in Hard drive to store your docs and spreadsheets.
  4. Click Backup

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