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“Memory Effect” is a condition of reduced battery performance (and eventual failure) due to a battery only using those cells that are fully discharged and charged on a regular basis. In other words, if on a regular basis a NiCd or NiMH battery is only partially discharged before being recharged, it ” forgets” that it has usable capacity to further discharge all the way down. The result is degraded battery performance and shorter battery life because the battery is using less than it’s true full capacity.

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google docsIt is essential to have a solid backup strategy in place with cloud storage space becoming more popular. While many users run backup software on their local computer system to backup important data only a few take care that uploaded data is also regularly backed up.

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If you use Google services like Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Spreadsheets, Reader, or Blogger, you’ve got a life’s worth of data on Google’s servers. Unless you back up your stuff locally, Google holds the keys to your digital life and you’re out of luck if and when Google loses or denies you access to that data. Rather than run screaming for the hills, a few steps to back up your Google-hosted data can ensure that you’re in control of your stuff.

Download and back up your Google Docs and Spreadsheets

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Lithium-ion batteries are the newest technology batteries and offer several advantages over NiMH and NiCd batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are preferred for their lighter weight and higher performance. Lithium-ion batteries are typically 20-35% lighter and will provide 10-20% better performance than a NiMH battery of equivalent mAh rating.

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To extend your laptop battery, you need to protect your battery from discharge and overcharge,  you should change laptop battery as soon as possible, the MS Windows battery setting is not perfect, it may hurt your battery, so it is neccessory to change Power management scheme to protect battery.

do not let a Li-On battery completely discharge. (Discharing is only for older batteries with memory effects)

As someone who usually work on three different PCs and a laptop, Google Docs and Spreadsheets very convenient, due to the fact i can access my documents from each of my computers.

As time went by, i started to accumulate lots of docs and spreadsheets in Google account, and i asked myself how should i backup them. I knew i could open each and every document and just save it as a Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word document, as well as a PDF document, but i was looking for a more powerful method.

I searched a bit and found a nice program Google Docs Backup that helped me to accomplish my task.

So here’s what you should do in order to backup your Google docs and Spreadsheets:

  1. Run Google docs backup.
  2. Input your gmail account or your google app account.
  3. Select preferred location in Hard drive to store your docs and spreadsheets.
  4. Click Backup